What is sporting pathways?

Young athletes are NOT often given THe opportunity to Experience guidance, structure, or training on physical elements of their sport with focus mainly on technical skills.

UNless playing at an elite level, access to physical skill development is hard to come by.

Developing physical capacities will directly translate to the technical skills needed for sport and make any young athlete a stronger competitor.

This program is geared towards developing the physical skills of youth athletes and improving the potential for young sportspersons in Croydon.  


Training sessions last an hour and are made up of small groups of athletes from all sports.


Each session has:

  • a main focus of either power, strength, or speed (acceleration/deceleration)

  • accessory training on agility, Mechanics, functional movement patterns, mobility, stability, coordination, conditioning, core work, footwork and more...

Physical test measures are undertaken at the start of every month to monitor your progress.

To see a sample training session, click here

Who Qualifies for Sporting Pathways?

Youth athletes and sportspersons aged between 14 and 18.

If you are Currently playing any sport at any level we'd be happy to talk and discuss how to take your Sporting journey to the next level.

if you are looking to improve your athletic and physical abilities, don't hesitate to get in touch.