What are Personal Training Sessions?

Private classes with a fitness professional can be extremely beneficial. Whether you are looking to: 

  • burn fat 

  • gain lean muscle mass

  • improve your core strength and stability

  • enhance cardiovascular fitness

  • boost ability at a certain sport

  • get in shape for an occasion

Where do we train? 

Private training sessions take place in parks and safe outdoor spaces in the Dorking area in order for sessions to be flexible and varied.  Any experience level welcome, even if you are brand new to exercise, I would love to train you.

Designing a program 

With my personal training service, you will receive a free consultation in which we can discuss your goals as well as get to know a bit more about each other to ensure that I am the right trainer for you.  If you are happy, we will create an exercise program that suits your goals and preferences.  Once decided on the plan of action, your journey to a strong and confident you begins.

Your progress

Your progress will be monitored and your needs will always be catered to throughout the program.  This way, we can both see the positive changes you are making, and will continue to make.  No more trial and error exercise, no more nearly made it, no more I can't do it.  I can show you that your goals are attainable and most importantly, sustainable.

A stronger you more confident you

Choosing to prioritise your physical health isn't only about physical changes.  Not only will you feel stronger, you will have a stronger mind and be more determined than ever to succeed.  If you want to be the best version of yourself, contact me to arrange a free consultation.